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Update April 2012

Monday, April 02 2012 - Filed under: General

Still alive and kicking!

A small update: I'm still doing great.
I can eat anything I like, I can even go crazy on pizza's, icecreams, pancakes if I like. So my Crohn's is a thing of the past for 6 years now, and it was already symptom-free on the SCDiet since 2001-2006. So, in total I'm 11 years free of symptoms from an ''incurable, chronic disease''.

Even though I can go crazy, even days in a row, my day to day diet remains based on a paleolithic diet and I eat lots of fat. I do eat small amounts of starch, but fat is my main energy source. And the proteins are mostly high quality animal based ones.

Shocking: I discoverd an amalgam filling in my mouth
In March 2011 I had an amalgam filling removed! I didn't even know I had one, but it explains a lot about my history. My girlfriend checked my mouth in February 2011 and found a gray and shining filling. I just couldn't believe it. She made a picture of it and after a day I had to believe it was an amalgam filling, packed with 50% mercury! I was shocked to say the least as I was 100% certain I didn't have any fillings.

After some brainstorming I now know how that filling got there. When I was about 8 or 10 years old the dentist did a sealing on of my teeth and then he said: ''Oh, I'll do this other thing too''. And I was still thinking it was just the sealing that took a bit long. Without telling me clearly, he had put in an amalgam filling, in a tooth on my upper right jaw, all in the back. Invisible for me to see, even with a good mirror.

What I did in 2005-2006 was such a mistake. I had been chelating mercury with lipoic acid, and all the time I had a mercury filling in my mouth!

So, back to my amalgam filling discovery in March 2011: I had it removed a few weeks later (March 2011) at an organic dentist office. The first few weeks after the removal I felt relatively weak. Then three weeks after the removal, I felt really, really good and energetic. I could do 40-50 push-ups, without any prior training for over a year. I put up muscle weight and my physical condition was superb. I think this high feeling was because my body was relatively free of mercury for a while.

Then a few weeks later, that ''superman'' feeling subsided and I felt like before, or probably a little bit less energetic than before. I think my body had started to detox the remaining mercury in my system.

Now, a year later, it feels so good that that mercury filling is finally out of my body. I can feel my body is still detoxing, so I'll have to be patient, but I think the few-weeks period in April 2011 are a good indication of how I should feel when my body has gotten rid of the last mercury traces.

So, the lesson is: always double check every tooth in your mouth before you start a chelation procedure. What I did in 2005-2006 was quite dangerous as the chelation could have caused major damage to my brains and heart (and all other organs in my body).

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