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Get a jumpstart to new health !

Friday, June 20 2003 - Filed under: General

This article is obsolete and incomplete: Please read the new version at:

Get a jumpstart to new health !

I've been experimenting with lots of different diets and lately with the Homo Optimus Diet by Jan Kwasniewski. I feel confident to write a short instruction manual on how to get started with boosting your health back to natural levels by using this diet. Below is an easy example to get started. Feel free to make variations on this, but always stick to the Homo Optimus ratio's (explained below). This example below is really simple and monotonous, but it's *easy*. Just start today with this monotonous recipe, and at the same time start reading the articles on the Homo Optimus websites ( several listed on ) . Also be sure to order the book ''Homo Optimus'' by Jan. Kwasniewksi.

This article is obsolete and incomplete: Please read the new version at:

This jumpstart-diet is ment for people who want to get started as soon as possible on regaining one's health. Get started with the diet immediately, then order the Homo Optimus book, visit the Homo Optimus forum and read the information on the Homo Optimus websites.
After a few days, when you get the feeling of what this Optimal Nutrition is about (after reading the resources above), you can experiment yourself with what you like to eat. Include some organ meat (liver, kidneys, etc) once a week for the highest health benefits. Be sure to maintain the right proportions between protein:fat:carbohydrate. Please note, that although this jumpstart-recipe is quite monotonous (understatement), the Homo Optimus diet is quite the opposite: Lots of interesting recipes are printed in Kwasniewski's book and on the sites there are some examples.

Please note: To get a better idea of Homo Optimus menu's please check this website for a 7-day menu plan:

This article is obsolete and incomplete: Please read the new version at:

* This diet is far superior to the basis Atkins diet and I fully agree. I have more energy and feel much better because of the higher ratio of fat and lower ratio of protein in the diet. Read here why this is so:

* People who suffer from Crohn's or Colitis or who are lactose-intolerant, please read the note on the bottom on preparing your own cream.

* For some, the transition to a high-fat diet might cause some detox symptoms. Please read this article from the Homo Optimus forum.

* Here are some nice starting guidelines: FAQ from the Homo Optimus Forum

* This diet is for people, weighing 65 kilograms to 85 kilograms. If you're heavier, add more protein and fat. I you're smaller, take smaller portions of the proteins and fats.. Just leave the carbohydrates as they are, i.e. no more, no less..

* When using Insulin, please don't do this on your own, but under medical supervision. Much less insulin is needed and over time in most cases even none is needed anymore (even with juvenile diabetes). During the drop in weight, insulin stored in body tissues is released and this causes problematic sugar regulation. Only use under medical supervision please. I advise to get the book ''Diabetes Solution'' by Dr. Bernstein. This book has perfect advice on how to alter the insulin dosage when starting a diet like this.

* Some people notice obstipation / constipation. Obstipation is caused by cooked proteins which paralyze the peristalsis of the intestines. The answer is to eat the proteins raw: Try this: Raw eggs in 50cc grape juice dliuted with 50cc water. Stir well and drink. Very swiftly-broiled (red inside) steaks are also OK. Use magnesium, vitamin C or raw olive oil or lower the proteins to 50g a day if problems persist.
Tip: Raw eggs are also more palatable when they are first mixed in a blender. This removes the slimy parts and makes it an easy drink, also without any juice.

* When you're not overweight, you can start with a 1:3 protein:fat ratio. After a few days, you can lower the protein to 50g (for example, three eggs + 100g steak or roast beef or just leave out one beef-egg meal). Eat more fat.. The easy way: Self made 24-hour sour cream ! Tastes great. Stevia powder works well in this also (brand ''NOW'' Stevia powder is OK).

This article is obsolete and incomplete: Please read the new version at:

Steak with egg

Desert: Cream !

What is needed ?
3x Eggs
3x Steak of 100 grams (or cut yourself)
120 grams of butter
150 grams of heavy whipping cream
Raisins* (optional)
Yogurt* (optional, smallest package you can get)

Three eggs
We need three eggs a day, so find a good source for eggs. Get free-range eggs from hens that were fed organic foods. These taste so much better, contain more Omega-3 fatty acids, etc. Chickens that eat more insects have the best quality eggs.

Three steaks
Three beef entrecotes or steaks of about 100 grams a piece per day

Butter: Try to get some good butter from grass-fed / pastured cows. You need 120 grams a day

Heavy whipping cream
Whipping cream: Get some good heavy whipping cream or raw cream from grass-fed / pastured cows. You need 150 grams a day



This article is obsolete and incomplete: Please read the new version at:

Like I said, this diet is very monotonous. There is no need for fruit or vegetables. We will eat the same three times a day.

The main recipe:
Steak with an egg and butter and some cream as a dessert
? Cut half an onion in pieces
? Take out the steak and apply a very small amount of salt and pepper
? Take 40 grams of butter (use a scale or use the marks on the packaging)
? Put 20 grams (half of the above) in a pan
? Put on the gas and wait until the big bubbles disappear
? Lay the steak in the butter and wait 30 seconds
? Turn over the steak
? Lower the gas to one third
? Throw in the egg, while keeping the yolk in one piece
? Add the onions in the butter
? Now leave the steak for about a minute on each side and then remove
? Remove the egg from the fire while the yolk is still liquid and some the white is still liquid
? When the onions are ready, throw those, including the remaining fat in the pan, on your plate
? Cut small slices of the remaining 20 grams of butter and put those over your egg and steak
? Don't forget to turn off the gas   

Now eat this and make sure you eat all the fat.
*Note, if you like, you can add 25 small raisins, but no more, to the onions and bake those along with the onions. Tastes good I think.

Now the desert:
You will make the desert for the whole day in advance. Take out 150 milliliter of cream and add 4 teaspoons of honey, or use a scale and use 20 grams of honey. Now use a kitchen machine, whip the cream until it's creamy (well, decide yourself how creamy you want this).
Take one third of this at breakfast, one third at lunch and one third at diner.

Ain't that easy ?
What have you eaten today ?

This article is obsolete and incomplete: Please read the new version at:

90 grams of protein.
Proteins are the building blocks of your body. In the beginning we will eat some more proteins and some less fats, because the body needs to make some more fat-burning enzymes first. Also some more proteins are needed in the beginning to repair defective tissues.That will take a few days. Some of this excess protein will be used as fuel. So, the first few days, we eat 1 protein : 2.6 fat and later on we will increase this ratio to 1 protein : (3.0-3.5) fat. This is the golden formula for human health. ''Accidentally'', human milk has this same formula and mothers who are fed the optimal diet probably have even higher fat ratio's. Use the diet investigator ( ) to find the perfect ratios. Never eat more than 50 grams of carbohydrates.
After a while, protein digestion improves and no adult will need more than 50 grams of protein a day or more than 2000 kcal a day. Again use the diet investigator to find the optimal ratio's.

235 grams of fat.
Fat are the preferred fuel for virtually the entire body: The organs, the muscles, and most part of the brain prefers fat. The heart is also a real fat burner. More than 50% of the contents of the heart-cells are made out of the mitochondria, which is the super-efficient fat power plant. Did you know bacteria can't burn fats and that our evolved cells (eukaryotes v.s. prokaryotes) actually prefer fat above any other fuel ?

50 grams of carbohydrates
We need some carbohydrates to optimise the metabolism. Some parts of the brain need very small amounts of carbohydrates. The body would otherwise have to extent some effort to convert proteins into carbohydrates. This also prevents excess ketosis (which is not a problem at all), which would strain the organs slightly more.

If you feel the need for snacks, then here is a list of optimal snacks:
Macadamia nuts, pecans, brazil nuts, hickory nuts, hazelnuts

What next ?
Just start eating this diet for a few days, and you will notice great benefits. The first two days might be a bit hard as the body shifts from carb-burning to fat-burning. It dumps almost two kilo of enzymes and increases the amount of fat-burning enzymes. Also the carbohydrate addictive substances will lower in this period and the addiction will disappear quite soon afterwards.
After a few days, we will lower the amount of proteins and increase the amount of fats. This can be accomplished by eating more cream or adding more butter to the meals. Please note that cheese is not fat enough. It only has a 1:1 protein:fat ratio. So, you can eat cheese, but then you need to add enough cream or butter to make the ratio right again.

This article is obsolete and incomplete: Please read the new version at:

In the long run we will need some more high-quality organic organ-meat like liver. Chicken or lamb-liver, baked with onions taste great ! Even better when you leave them red in the middle (broil them just a few secs). One important observation is that eating a specific organmeat will increase the health of that specific human organ. So, when you suffer from psoriasis, eat pork skin (pork resembles men the most). When you suffer from MS, you should eat brains and spines, etc. Try to eat the fattest types of meats.
Dr. Kwasniewski uses pork the most, as its tissue resembles human tissue the most and so the human body can get the most benefit from pork. He has great success with this. Goose and duck are great too, especially the fatty parts.
Dr. Carey Reams, however, observed that all unclean foods in the Bible have a negative impact on the mineral balance in humans. These foods (pork, goose, duck, snake, horse, etc) release their energy too fast during digestion. It's like burning kerosene in a low-octane gasoline engine. Due to this high energy release, the human body looses minerals and every disease is just a specific pattern of mineral deficiency.
I think Kwasniewski's diet offsets the mineral dumping problems of the unclean meats because no carbohydrates are eaten anymore, which increase the need for minerals and vitamins the most and also cause the flushing out of many minerals in the urine.

Kwasniewski assures us that vegetables and fruits are not necessary at all. The vitamins in these foods are only necessary when we eat carbohydrates. Fats need so much less vitamins and minerals, both during digestion as metabolism, that we really don't need any supplements or vegetables.
If you want, you can always eat some veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, endive, etc. Please do not use legumes or carrots.. Only use low-carbohydrate veggies.

What to expect ?
Higher endurance, stamina, muscle mass
No more excess fats. So underweight people increase in weight and overweight people decrease in weight, because the body is enabled to burn off its fat stores.
Perfect cholesterol values, perfect blood pressure, perfect skin, no more colds, no more disease
Better concentration, learning ability, mental clearness and stability, no more brainfogs, no more migraines, no more headaches. Studies in rats show that the brain increases 8% in size and learning abilities improve by 40%.
Perfect digestion, no more gas, no more bloated feeling
Stomach ulcers disappear
Eczema disappears, skin rashes disappear, infections disappear
Immune system boosts and Herpes syndrome and comparable disease never comes back
Depressions, neurosis, schizophrenia, and many more mental diseases will disappear
Virtually 100% resistance to cancers and tumors. Cancercells can only burn glucose and on this diet, there is no glucose available to them. It's as easy as that. Please read the note on cancer on the bottom of this page.

In short: You will become a Homo Optimus (Homo=human in latin).

*Notes for people who can't tolerate lactose
I can't tolerate lactose and I think most people can't. The cream must be prepared by following these instructions.
Put the cream in a container and add 10% of plain full-fat yogurt. Mix the two, cover the container and put it in the oven at 40 degrees celcius for 24 hours. After the 24 hours you have slightly acidified whipping cream, which you can still use to make whipped cream.

This article is obsolete and incomplete: Please read the new version at:

Check the links on the Homo Optimus diet in the links-section of this site at:
In that list you can also find the book publisher, where you can order the book for 22 euro including shipping or 23 dollar..

Cancer note: Use raw liver and raw pancreas in carrot juice and raw eggs as the only proteins. Protein digestion is very poor in cancer patients. Never more than 50g protein a day, but also no less. Eat all proteins at one time of the day and eat no more proteins for the rest of the day. Be sure to read Dr. Kelleys book on Cancer (linked online on this site)

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Please note: The information on this website is not a recommendation for treatment. Anyone reading it should consult his/her physician before considering treatment. The author and publisher can't be held responsible for anything. Use on your own risk.