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Warning: CellPhones cause leaky Brain

Thursday, April 03 2003 - Filed under: General


Some time ago I wrote about my experiences with high frequency radiation, like the one emitted by cellular phones (and masts)..
My conclusion at that time was that it probably breaks my blood-brain barrier and causes several substances to enter my brains, killing neurons.
Some more on that here:

Today, I read about a new study done with mouses.. Here it is:
They experimented on rats aged between 12 and 26 weeks. Their brains are regarded as being in the same stage of development as teenagers.
The rats were exposed to two hours of radiation, equivalent to that emitted by mobile phones.
Their brains were examined under a microscope 50 days later.
The researchers found that rats which had been exposed to medium and high levels of radiation had an abundance of dead brain cells.
Professor Salford said there was good reason to believe that mobile phones could have the same effect on humans.
''A rat's brain is very much the same as a human's. They have the same blood-brain barrier and neurons,'' he told BBC News Online.
''We have good reason to believe that what happens in rat's brains also happens in humans.''

Check this image to see what it does to the brain:

Image: The left one is unradiated and the right one is radiated for 2 *only* hours.
Please note, this is fifty days after only 2 hours of normal radiation levels comparable to modern GSM Cellular phones..
The browns spots are an indication the albumin (a protein which shouldn't enter the brain) has leaked through the blood-brain barrier. A special albumin-reagentia causes the brown spots.

Can you imagine what DECT phones cause ? These send a very strong signal 24 hours a day !

I already threw out my DECT phone and also my cellular phone some time ago..
Perhaps you should consider the same ? The evidence keeps building up..

Another interesting and frightening quote:,1382,57488,00.html
''We cannot exclude that after some decades of often daily use, a whole generation of users may suffer negative effects as early as middle age.''

So, in fact I was ''lucky'' that I was able to sense that my blood-brain barrier was opened by modern telecommunication devices.
(I would get very low-energy and an aspartame-like feeling and brainfogs). Because I did sense it, I was warned and stayed away from them.

I can now finally explain my strange calcium-sensitivity..
Since I had moved into an appartment (4th floor) in the city I at once couldn't tolerate calcium foods anymore. If I would eat Broccoli, almonds, cheese or anything with some calcium in it, I would get amazing brainfogs and sleeping would become impossible..
Since I moved back to my parents' house just outside the city and primarily live at ground level, my calcium sensitivity stopped. I'm afraid that I won't be able to live in any appartment in a city with cellular phone masts. In the cities the masts have to send much stronger because of the high buildings (and the persons inside) which catch/block a lot of the radiation..

Take care,

The Netherlands

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