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DECT Phone

Sunday, March 09 2003 - Filed under: General

This is a special topic on the DECT Telephone. More and more people are using such a phone, but are unaware of the enourmous health risks associated with such phones.

What's the problem ?
The problem is that the DECT phone and the base station send out a very powerful signal, that's a lot more powerful than the signal sent out by a cellular phone.

The real problem:
The real problem however is that the DECT design is plain stupid: The base station sends this same powerful signal 24 hours a day, even when you wouldn't use the phone a single time that day. That means that also during sleep, the DECT base station keeps sending this strong signal.

The DECT base station can be compared with a cellular phone transmitter antenna in your backyard, at only 20 yards distance !

Field-strength meassurement device
Using a field-strength meassurement device you can assess the strength of the transmissions of the DECT phone. On the HF-Detektor II Profi from all red lights are turned on when the DECT base station is plugged in. When it's removed the LED's show the normal background level (which depends on the proximity to cellular phone transmission antenna's nearby)..

Some details
The DECT base station turned out to be really bad. At 5 centimeter (2 inch) range, it's -0 dBm (all red lights on), at 50cm it's -8 dBm and at three meters still -17 dBm. And that all day long, all night long !

More details on how a DECT phone works:

More details on DECT and cellular phones and the strategies of operators:

A great site with lots of detailed information:

Of course, you could also trust Nokia:,1522,,00.html?orig=/safety/

Implications on health
Most people think and want to believe that this radiation is harmless. I for one know and feel this isn't true. I can walk into a house and tell within 5 minutes if a DECT phone is used. I get brainfogs and get tired within these 5 minutes when a DECT phone is plugged in.. I then ask the people I visit to remove the adaptor of the DECT phone base station from the mains and within 10 minutes I feel OK again..

German physicians and professors have determined without any doubt that many ''modern'' diseases are in fact caused by DECT phones (and similar high frequency wave generating devices). Many different sophisticated treatments don't help a thing, but simply plugging out the DECT base station makes the disease go away *overnight* !

Read more on this here:

Also read some more on Electrosmog in general here:

OK.. At least consider the above before buying a DECT phone.. It's up to you to decide if it's unhealthy or not.. You know my opinion.. Please note that even if you don't feel any difference, that doesn't mean it's harmless. For example: You also don't feel it when you're exposed to high radiation levels, until you get tumors all over.. It's an invisble threat.

I hope you will decide wisely..

Please consider just sticking to a normal wall-connected line-phone. Just get one with a nice long cord. If you really insist on needing a wireless one, then get an analogue wireless phone. That type does transmit comparable strength signals, but the benefit is that it only sends when you're actually using the phone.. A major difference..

Some more Dutch information:

Take care,

The Netherlands

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