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My adventures with the RBTI

Sunday, March 14 2004 - Filed under: General

Spring 2003, I read several articles which eventually sparked an interest in the RBTI. RBTI stands for the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization. Dr. Carey Reams was (he passed away a few years ago) a mathematical genius. He was introduced into the agriculture very early in life. ''It has been said that his father entrusted him with sole responsibility for a significant growing area when he was just five years old. He devised a fertility program, organised labour and apparently produced an exceptional melon crop at that tender age.''

''Dr Carey Reams was both a physician and an agronomist. His medical degree, completed in England, included an undergraduate degree in chemistry. Upon returning to the US to practice medicine, Reams chose to retain his independence by avoiding membership of the AMA (American Medical Association)''

Carey Reams devised a formula for optimal soil quality. This takes into account the minerals in the soil which impact the pH of the soil, but also the nitrogens. When the soil is perfectly balanced, it will grow perfectly healthy vegetables, grains and fruits. The crop will need no herbicides or planticides whatsoever, because their immune systems are developed very well. Because the crop is so high in mineral content, it will promote perfect mineral balances and stores in the animals and people eating it.

Later on, Carey Reams discovered that in animals and humans there also exists a formula, very much comparable to the one that applies to soil. He started testing all the fluids he could test: The urine, the sweat, the saliva, tears, etc. He then analyzed the figures and tried to find a relation with health. Eventually, the RBTI health formula for human beings was the result.

This formula is based on two body fluids, the saliva and the urine. Dr. Reams discovered these two fluids reflect all necessary parameters to calculate how (un)healthy a person is and how much energy reserves he has. Even more, because Reams was such a mathematical genius (some compare him to Einstein and other great minds), he was able to pinpoint the location in the body where the biggest energy loss was occuring. Combined with iridology he could for example tell where a tumor was forming (tumors form on the places where there is energy loss).

To get the bigger picture: Reams said that each and every disease is nothing more than a specific pattern of mineral deficiencies. This applies to both plant health and animal/human health. When vegetable plants can't get enough minerals from the soil, imbalances are the result. These imbalances are then reflected in for example the brix and pH values of the fluids of the plant. By meassuring the brix (carbohydrate percentage) of the fluids of a fruit, we can determine how nutritious the fruit is to us and how healthy the fruit is; i.e. can it protect itself from attacks by insects, fungi, etc.

So, the quality of the soil is a result of the mineral stores/balances in the soil. Hence, the quality of the plants growing in the soil is dependent on the soil. Hence, the health of herbivorous animals is dependent on the health/quality/mineral contents of vegetables,fruits and grains and hence the soil. The health of omnivorous humans is dependent on both the health of the animals we eat and the health of the vegetables, fruits and grains we eat. It all begins with the soil.

The problem is that virtually no agricultural company implements the RBTI for proper soil health and hence crop health. Even the organic vegetables are still very low in mineral content. Most contain only 25% to 50% of the minerals they should cotain.

In retrospect: Every disease is a pattern of mineral deficiencies. When Reams would look at the health of the soil he would use his testing devices to get the figures needed for his RBTI formula. He would then determine which minerals are relatively deficient (and also which are relatively in excess). Next, he would add those specific minerals to the soil, wait for a while and do another test, until it's perfect.

Like with the soil, we should see our health from the same perspective. When you go to an RBTI nutritionist, your saliva and urine will be tested and 7 figures will be the result. These figures indicate which minerals are deficient, whether or not you're well hydrated, whether or not you have enough or excessive carbohydrates in your blood and whether or not you're eating enough or too much protein (nitrogen).
It makes no sense at all to lookup the symptoms in a medical encyclopedia and to give a disease a name when we know that each and every disease is just a mineral deficiency of some kind. By treating the core problem, the mineral deficiency, we can improve health until we're in radiant health again.
By looking at the symptoms, then giving the disease a name and then looking up which medications we can use to *suppress* the symptoms, we aren't looking at the core of the problem. We're just hiding from the effects, while the mineral deficiences get worse and worse.
I often hear from people who first start with irritable bowel syndrome, then come down with inflamated bowel disease like crohn's, then the condition gets even worse: They also get symptoms like painful knuckles and joints, they get very low in energy. At that point the physician doesn't know what to do anymore: He uses a name like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrom or even worse a combination of diseases like fibromyalgia with M.S. with crohn's disease. In those conditions the ultimate symptom suppressors are used like prednisone. In fact prednisone will worsen the mineral deficiences even further. When you take this road there is only one possible outcome: Eventual death after years and years of suffering. Why ? Because the medication doesn't address the root cause, the mineral deficiency.

My adventures with the RBTI
Like I said I discovered the RBTI in the early spring of 2003. At that time I had been symptom free of crohn's disease for over 2 and a half year, but I still didn't have the energy I knew I should have. On certain short hours on some days I felt very, very energetic and I knew it should be possible to feel that way every day, every hour. The diet I was using didn't give the complete answer. The one diet improved energy more than the other and I had tried many of those. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet, the Atkins diet, Wai Genriiu's fruit-fat diet, the bloodgroup diet, the Homo Optimus diet to name a few. Not to forget my painful experience with the grain- and sugarladen Standard American Diet for over 20 years.

Well, I thought the RBTI sounded very promising and was worth a try. I decided to buy the complete testing kit, so I could do the testing at home (in the Netherlands there were no RBTI testers at all). It was expensive, over 550 dollars. I started by reading Dr. Beddoe's book, Biologic Ionization as applied to human nutrition. It's an A4-sized spiral bound book with 330 pages. As soon as I started reading I knew the RBTI might very well be the last chapter in my continuing quest for health. The book explains perfectly and high detail how mineral deficiences affect the health. For each of the seven tests there is an entire chapter which explains in high detail how to the tests and how to interpret the figures.

The next step was to get the needed supplements, specifically for my condition and get started. One important part of regaining your health, i.e. moving the 7 figures into the optimal range, is to supply the liver with everything it needs: Oxygen, water and minerals. The lemon, diluted in distilled water is very important and is the foundation of the treatment. Without the lemon water the chances of healing get diminished a lot. This is because the liver needs the anionic substances in the lemon juice, and as you probably know there can be no healing without a healthy liver.

I bought all the needed supplements from the US and I also ordered a water distiller. Another expensive investment. I then started the protocol, which included the lemon water.
At that time, summer 2003, I alas didn't fully understand the RBTI yet and I quit the treatment quite early. The lemon water was the culprit. Drinking the 10%-diluted lemon water would drop my bloodsugars to very low levels which made it impossible for me to get through the day. The book says to use several sweeteners like molasses, but I wasn't able to digest those sugars. So, there I was: I knew I had the answer in my hands, but I wasn't able to implement it because the lemon-water resulted in low blood sugars.

I then made the painful decisision to let the RBTI be and try some more diets. I tried the Homo Optimus diet and it did give more energy, which was positive. But eventually it didn't give me the radiant health I was longing for.

Then, Februaru 2004, I somehow got attracted to the RBTI again. I signed up for the ReamsAnswers forum, reread the entire book and had new confidence. I explained my problem to Dr. Beddoe w.r.t. lemon water causing low blood sugars but the inability to use sweeteners in the lemon water. He then made the suggestion to use fruit juice instead of water in my lemon water. That did the trick. The sugar levels remained up, above 1.2 brix and I was finally able to use the lemon water on a daily basis.

I was back into businness. I started testing my figures on a daily basis and I discovered both my urine and saliva pH were way too high, indicating an alkaline excess situation. The classic symptom of an alkaline excess is contipation and that's exactly what I was bothered with every once in a while.

Outlining the program for my specific situation:
Lemon water, 40 ounces per day, divided in ten hourly doses:
Because I was well hydrated (I did adhere to that part of the RBTI treatment by drinking enough distilled and low-mineral water), I could start using the lemon water right away. This is a must and the most important part of the treatment. It feeds the liver and without a well-fed liver we can't expect any healing to take place.

Calcium gluconate, 2 per meal
Because calcium is the most important mineral in the human body, any deviation from the optimal value means you have a calcium deficiency. Calcium gluconate should be used as the base calcium always,

Mineral Colloids, 2 per meal
Mineral colloids are minerals in the colloidal form which makes them very easily absorbable. It's made from soft rock phosphate. These specific minerals are the ones which are severely missing in the soil, but which are very important for health.

Algazim, 2 per meal
Contains Norwegian kelp, which is essential for the thyroid among others.
The lemon water, calcium gluconate, mineral colloids and algazim are essential standard parts of the treatment. Below are the parts which are specifically for my condition (based on my figures).

Calcium lactate, 3 per meal and Vitamin C, 2000mg twice per day
Because both my urine and saliva pH were so high, I needed to use calcium lactate and vitamin C to bring them down. Calcium lactate is a form of organic calcium which is the result of a chemical reaction with calcium and lactic acid. It has an acidifying effect on the body. The body needs several forms of organic calciums and my pH's indicate a strong calcium lactate deficiency.

K-Min, 2-3 per meal
K-Min is a special form of mineral colloids. It somehow ionizes parasites and other unwanted passengers in the human body. This should be used because my pattern of pH figures indicates a parasite problem (double alkaline situation).

Vitamin B12 is not needed because an alkaline situation indicates there is no deficiency. Calcium citrate, calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide, lime water should not be used because these should only be used in acid conditions. Vitamin D and B12 is also not needed in my situation.

That's basically it. The first week was quite hard, because the body was dumping toxins and probably regenerating tissue at a very high pace. This is because the lemon water feeds the liver which then goes into ''overdrive'' mode and starts to get rid of all debris that it should have gotten rid of a long time ago. I learned that it was very important to eat soon after waking up, because otherwise my bloodsugar would drop and I would start to sneeze and feel very weak.
After the first week, I started to feel considerably better. At first, to my amazement, the figures went in the opposite direction I would expect them to go. My urine pH got even higher, i.e. more alkaline. I think this means the body is accepting the calcium lactate and is now finally able to get rid of the alkaline excesses.
10 Days after starting the treatment I noticed I was getting more and more energy. In the evening I would feel quite low in energy but now I would feel quite energetic. The urine pH isn't really dropping yet, because it takes some time to rebuild the mineral reserves. Another thing I noticed is that somehow, my muscle mass increased considerably and visibly. I weighed 75 kilograms instead of the 73 kilograms I started with.

So, in short, these 10 days show promising results. I intend to go all the way and get all 7 figures in the optimal range. I will keep you updated of my progress.

March 23 2004
Today I tested my RBTI figures and these were the results:
2.3 6.9 / 7.2 9C 4M 7/7
The 6.9 is showing the improvement: My urine pH is finally dropping in the direction of the optimal 6.4. That's great news and it's a very quick response indeed. The goal is to go on to 6.4.. From then on, the liver/saliva pH will slowly start to move into the 6.4 direction, but this does take some time.. Will keep you updated.
With the improving numbers, I also notice an increase in energy..

September 2004
The calcium lactate was useless and didn't do anything to lower the pH of the urine, so I decided to stop using it and switch to foods which are high in calcium lactate:
>Apples, any Citrus (Oranges, Grapefruits, Tangerines, Limes, etc.), Sour
>> >Cherries, Dewberry (whatever that is), Pineapple (Reams said everyone
>> >should eat this fruit a couple times per week), Sour Plums, Rhubarb,
>> >Strawberries, Sour Huckleberries, Raspberries, Sour Blueberries.

That really worked: The urine pH started to drop below 7.0, 6.8 and even 6.6 was often meassured. In the longer run, I should be able to get it to a stable 6.4. I also started using the lemon-water again, because otherwise the liver pH won't improve.
Will keep you updated.

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